Giving Back



When I started Hill City Productions, I wanted to do more than just tell good stories, create great videos and provide for my family.
I wanted to make a significant difference in people’s lives.

One way to do this was partnering with Food For His Children.
When I spent a couple of weeks in the Karatu district of Tanzania, Africa with the the founders of FFHC, I knew that it was a ministry that God would bless.

A percentage of every job we do goes back to FFHC to help empower the poorest of the poor to:

  • Provide for themselves and their family.
  • Pass on opportunity to other fasmilies in need.
  • Strengthen their whole community.

This is accomplished through a self-sustaining micro-development program that fosters dignity rather that dependency.




You Can Be A Blessing Too.
For any production work that we start in April or May, we will also donate $50 in your name to FFHC.
FFHC MISSION STATEMENT: Food for His Children exists to show Christ’s love, serving the poorest of the poor, equipping people to better support their families and empowering them to strengthen their communities through self-sustaining opportunities that will impact generations.